South Bay Piping Industry

The  Pipe Trades Training Center, is a collaboration of labor & management which is funded by union members and the contractors who employ them. Both organizations participate as board members on a Joint Appreticeship Training Committee (JATC) that oversees apprentice- and journey-level classes that prepare our members to operate in a highly competitive construction and service market and meet the ever-advancing demands of their high-tech industry.

Such training is the key to our success. If our country is to remain competitive, it must ensure that its work force is highly trained and skilled. To guarantee this level of excellence, labor and management must work together. As the Constitution of the United Association, our parent union, states: "Labor IS capital and is the ONLY capital with the power to create capital. Labor is the interest underlying all other interests."

The  partnership that we have forged with our Labor Management Trust has helped our contractors to understand the value of their union plumbers and steamfitters and helped our members to understand and respect the needs of our contractors.

South Bay Piping Industry Information:

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