Refrigeration Apprenticeship

The Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Service Mechanic insures indoor air quality by servicing and repairing all types of refrigeration equipment from the small building to larger, complex air conditioning and refrigeration units used in hospitals, skyscraper, manufacturing facilities, research and development laboratories, etc.

Each year in the apprenticeship program consists of 1760 hours of on-the-job training under the direct supervision of a Journey person.  Apprentices spend two evenings per week in class with a traditional summer break.  During class, students are taught science, theory and practical application of the trade.

At the end of the five year training period, after all classroom and on-the-job requirements have been met, the apprentice is granted journey level status and awarded a completion certificate from the State of California.  Apprenticeship classes may be applied toward an Associates Degree from Foothill College.



Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Service Mechanic Course Topics:

First Year of Instruction:

  • Basic Refrigeration Service Skills
  • Basic Electricity and Refrigeration

Second Year of Instruction:

  • Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical Controls Fundamentals

Third Year of Instruction:

  • Advanced Electric Controls
  • HVAC Pneumatic and Electric Control Systems

Fourth Year of Instruction:

  • Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service
  • Advanced Refrigeration and Chillers

Fifth Year of Instruction:

  • Start, Test & Balance
  • HVAC Systems


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